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Raymoon is a company that has been established by a team of experienced professionals who have served various industries over a considerable period of time. The team at Raymoon Possesses extensive knowledge of the diverse working aspects and challenges of various segments, including those related to manpower supply, manufacturing units, logistics and warehouses. The team firmly believes that challenges are akin to fire that heats up gold, elevating it to 24 karats. Mishaps, furthermore, only serve to reaffirm their mission in life.

Best manpower agency

Human Resources Management Company is over a 1500+ employees mission and more than 5 branches. Over the last 10+ years of, Journey of work experience, we remained dedicated to clients’ Maintain, Sustain, Retain relationships, and besides that strengthening our capabilities, and building trust as an Associate.

In other words, we plan the system for an opportunity to work with these areas to exceed expectations and goals. Experience in handling various types of HR solutions and services ranging from Recruitment Solutions, Contract Staffing, Payroll Outsourcing, Skill Development, and Recruitment Process Outsourcing in various Industries like Banking NBFC Funding, Insurance, Telecom, IT/ITES, Healthcare, Education. Manufacturing in verticals like Steel, Automobile, FMCG, Cement etc.

Are you Looking for an agency that has multiskilled professionals to interview, trade tests, and select reliable and responsible candidates for you? We are the most reputed recruitment agency in India. we have at our disposal experts in various fields who are well-versed in the art of detecting the perfect candidates.

Recruitment Life Cycle

Manufacturing, Logistics, and Retail organizations need ready resources, often have deadlines ready to serve and deployed. As they are in the need of bulk hiring. It becomes challenging for both established and developing, new ventures, and companies to resources within a predefined and often narrow TAT. Bulk hires are challenges for a number of causes. Apart from the obvious number of profiles to be filled, the challenges of Bulk hires are

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About CEO

Introducing Sameer Rathore, an entrepreneurial dynamo and the CEO of his own venture. With a rich professional journey spanning 12 years, Sameer’s entrepreneurial spirirt ignited in 2019 when he embarked on the jouney of creating his own business empire.

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, Sameer stands as a beacon of inspiration, fearlessly navigating challenges and seizing opportunities with aplomb. His commitment to driving growth, fostering innovation, and empowering his team underscores his leadership ethos. 

Beyond the confines of conventional corporate leadership Mr sameer’s entrepreneurial vision extends to shaping industries, creatoing meaningful impact, and leaving a lasting legacy. His Journey serves as a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs, encapsulating the essence of turning dreams into reality through sheer grit and determination.

As CEO, Sameer Rathore doesn’t just lead; he paves the way for a new era of entrepreneurial excellence, where passion meets purpose and innovation knows no bounds.

Sameer aditya rathore

Sameer Rathore

Our Team

Meet Our Qualified Team

Dev Kumar Raymoon
Dev Kumar Singh

General Manager

Mr. Dev Kumar Singh is experienced professional with 20 years in Supply Chain Industry (3PL Warehousing), Client Onboarding, and Operations/Business Development. Proven track record of driving revenue growth, optimizing supply chains, and nurturing client relationships. Skilled in strategic planning, team leadership, and achieving results in dynamic business landscapes.

nidhi malik Raymoon Group
Nidhi Malik


Experienced professional, Mrs. Nidhi Malik, brings 5 years of expertise in core Sales and Business Development. Proven in driving revenue growth, forging strategic partnerships, and nurturing client relationships. Skilled in dynamic problem-solving and achieving results in fast-paced environments. Ready to propel business success through innovative strategies and effective leadership.

Ankit Raymoon
Ankit Dahiya

Sales & Operation Manager

Mr. Ankit Dahiya is experienced professional with 4 years in Operations Sales Management. Proven track record in optimizing sales processes, driving revenue growth, and ensuring operational efficiency. Skilled in strategic planning, team leadership, and achieving targets in dynamic business environments. Ready to deliver impactful results and contribute to organizational success.


Manager - HR/Admin

Mr. Rohit, an accomplished HR Admin, brings 7+ years of experience in Payroll, Compliance, Audit, Accounting, Team Management, and Office Management. Known for his meticulous attention to detail, strategic leadership, and adept handling of multifaceted. A proven professional dedicated to ensuring organizational efficiency and compliance excellence. responsibilities